Jio Tower Installation Price {September 2021} - Charges, Cost, & Fees

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Ful details available for jio tower installation price and charges

We make our customer's life easy and always try to do better services. Today we will discuss Reliance Jio tower installation price and fees. We have a surprise here for you if you read this article fully then you will get information about jio tower installation processing and earn between 20,000 to 50,000 rupees per month. Yes, it is correct news and Jio telecom company started many tower installation projects in a rural and urban area. So read the complete article and get the important information.

"First of all, we are the only website connected to Reliance Jio Tower Company and we cannot take any responsibility for other websites. So if someone calls, SMS, or mail you and they tell you that they are from Jio tower and ask for some documents and demand money as well, please stop and before any action call or contact us we will verify that person that he or she is authorized or not."

Also, double-check and make sure that if you fill any website related to Reliance Jio Tower Installation 2021 that it is original or fake because many websites are available on the internet that claims that they are legal and they solve your issue or install a tower. Still, you did any activity then is not responsible for that but we will take action if you complain.

Now, it is time to explain the price of Jio tower installation. Reliance is the biggest company that provides free calling and internet service in India. Much other company do not do this because they cannot afford but Reliance start this scheme and everyone converted into this network.

Let's Start...

Jio Tower Installation Price {JULY, 2021}

What is the Plan?

You know that Reliance is one of the largest companies in India and no doubt it is the only single telecom company that provides free services. Now it has announced another exciting news that is TOWER INSTALLATION if you have space in your top of the house or a free land then you can apply and earn up to 50 thousand per month. Reliance announced more than 7000 towers all over India so do not waste your time and fill the application form or you can contact us at the number given by us.

Why need to install a Jio tower?

We have more than 30 million active users and it is increasing day by day because people convert into Jio from another network operator so due to increasing our active users we need more strong network in every area so we started a scheme for everyone who interested to install a tower. The main purpose to install jio tower is that improve the quality of the network and you will get high-speed internet data as well as 4G VOLTE calling.

Requirements for Jio Tower Installation - JULY 2021

Before applying a new application you must fulfill some requirements of jio tower installation that mention below:

Jio Tower Installation Details Urban Area (Shehri Area) Rural Area (Grameen Area)
Space Required (at least) 350 sq. feet. 500 sq. feet
Rent (monthly) 35,000/- to 50,000/- INR 20,000/- to 50,000/- INR
Lease Duration 10 years (minimum) 15 years (minimum)
Civic Approving Authority Local Civic Body Panchayat Samiti

Documents Required for Jio Tower Installation

  1. Copy of Voter ID (self-attested)
  2. Copy of PAN card (self-attested)
  3. 2 Passport size photograph (self-attested)
  4. Copy of property related documents
  5. Two references from your locality
  6. Bank statement (last 6 months)

How to apply Reliance Jio Tower Installation

Hurray, your jio tower's application form will be shared with our expert and they contact you as soon as possible.

Note: Please make sure that we have received a large number of applications every day so the company may take some time to contact you but we assure you that your application will not be lost. Thanks for your patience

Jio Tower Installation Price/Charge: It may depend on your area

If you have any questions then you can visit our contact us page and you will see a contact form and a phone number as well, so feel free to contact or call us today.

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